"How do I know which boudoir package would work for me?"

That depends on a couple of things, such as:

  • Would you like a session with one outfit, or with two or more outfits?
  • Would you like makeup artistry included, or will you come with your makeup already done?
  • How much time would you like for such a session, based on how exploratory you feel you'd like to be during such a session?

We can talk through related dynamics around the session to help with you arriving at a decision on which package would be best for you during an initial consultation.

More FAQs on boudoir sessions as you scroll down this page.


Packages & Pricing


Up to 45 minutes

Up to 1 outfit change

15+ edited images (digital copies)

Images for personal, social, and editorial uses only


usd 176 | kes 24,860


Up to 95 minutes

Up to 3 outfit changes

25+ edited images (digital copies)

Images for personal, social, and editorial uses only


usd 289 | kes 40,821


Up to 125 minutes

Up to 4 outfit changes

35+ edited images (digital copies)

Images for personal, social, and editorial uses only


usd 441 | kes 62,291


"I haven't seen any of your boudoir work online..."

Yes, this is true. In fact, if you have indeed come across any of my boudoir work, I'll bet it's because you directly know the person that shared it with you. There's a simple reason for this, which centres on two words: confidentiality and consent. I treat my boudoir sessions and the stills that are created from such sessions with the utmost of confidentiality. While the internet is a wonderful place, it also harbours some less-than-pleasant characters. I'm not in the habit of exposing my subjects to undesirable attention where I can help it - especially not when the very practice of boudoir photography is fundamentally linked with both trust and vulnerability. So, all stills from my boudoir sessions are shared only with my subjects, with all final images remaining behind passcode-protected walls. Long story short: You'll not, without explicit written consent, see me share my boudoir shots online. That's a decision that is, in my practice, completely yours to make, and mine to abide by.

"Must I have bought lingerie for me to have good boudoir pictures?"

Not at all. There's an entire raft of ways we can create good moments and good shots, without the need for anything entirely elaborate. If you've had a particular outfit set in mind, then do bring it along with you! But based on the mood you'd like us to work with - from the dark and suggestive, to the moody and sensual, to the bright and playful - there are plenty more options we can work with. Such options may range from suspenders and pants, to a shirt, to a white sheet, to a t-shirt... to items already in your wardrobe as simple as a scarf, a shoal, a dera... As long as it's something you feel you'd be open to and comfortable in, we'll explore it.

"But how do I pose?"

You need not stress too much about posing, and allow me to share with you why. My style of photography focuses on a candid approach to my sessions, so we'll be chatting about everything and nothing throughout, so your mind won't necessarily be focused on the precise details - the details are my job, not yours. Which leads me to this: Even then, I'll be paying attention to what seems and feels natural to you, and adapting my angles and my direction to what I notice. I do this because I'm aware of the fact that every subject I work with is different, and I'm one to pay attention to what works with you and complement that, rather than abide by a strict rulebook.

"Will you retouch my pictures?"

No. Well, not exactly. What I do during both my shoot sessions and edit sessions is pay attention to light, so I use light to draw the eye's attention to what we'd like to accentuate. So no, I don't airbrush my images. I do, however, paint enchanting pictures of my subjects using both light and colour. Still, through it all, my subjects remain the point of focus of my sessions: In their beauty, in their pure existence, in their very essence.

"I'm nervous about my boudoir session..."

I empathise with this - and it's very ok to be nervous about such a session. It's part of why my boudoir sessions start off at 60 minutes long - to allow time to get into a rhythm that we're both comfortable with. Plus, if it's something you're ok with, we'll have music of your choice playing in the background, music that you're familiar with and love. If you'd also like to have a friend of yours around to gas you up, absolutely yes. (Given a certain unnamed global pandemic, let's keep the number to one friend, who should remain masked up through the session, in addition to all the relevant precautions I've integrated into my practice in the interest of safety and well-being. And yes, you can share your live location with other people you trust.) All in all, the heart of the entire session lies in you feeling comfortable and having fun in who you are.

How long does it take to receive the final edited photos?

I completely understand the anticipation of seeing your final photos. My editing process typically takes anywhere between 1 and 3 weeks, depending on the volume of images, the complexity of editing required, as well as what my pipeline looks like. I prioritise quality and attention to detail in all my work, so I typically promise a maximum of a month within which I'll deliver to deliver your final images. However, I'll send you an image or two within the week - not the final version, just something to sate your curiosity :)