September 16, 2019

Stills with the #OSAMchallenge crew


I'm going to start by tipping my hat to my awesome lighting assistant during this shoot, Paul.

Yes, he's on IG: @paul_abiero. What's that? Why yes, besides being my lighting assistant for the day, he is indeed my brother for life! How could you tell?

And also, the amazing humans of Pallet Cafe in Lavington for allowing us to shoot there.

Thank you, Fazul. And your entire team. Thank you. And yes, they too are on IG: @palletcafe_ke.

Now let's talk about the #OSAMChallenge.

A couple of weeks ago, Tetu Shani issued an challenge to souls brave enough to take it on: One song released every Friday from there on out. What is courage? It is this. This is courage.

And like the brave souls they are, people joined him on this ambitious quest.

Because I'm a fan of such ridiculously ambitious things and people, I decided to bring my in-front-in-frontness to this story, by shooting these humans.

So here we are, in alphabetical order: The OSAM Crew.

(The OSAM Cartel, maybe? Seeing as that's the mot-du-jour in Kenya at the moment? You decide.)

Chemutai Sage.

Lisa Oduor-Noah.

Noel Nderitu.


Tetu Shani.

But hold on!

The OSAM Challenge is not about solo releases only. No, no, no.

Some collaborative releases are also on the way, my friends.

Folks, presenting the OSAM Cartel.

(We're going with that, right? Sounds a lot cooler that, no?)

Wanna listen? Of course you do!