October 7, 2019

Stills at "Too Early For Birds: Tom Mboya Edition"

Event Photography

First, a confession: I've been shouting "DOSSIER DOSSIER!" to myself in the house since I woke up.

Think abourritt!

Also, I've been working very hard to resist the temptation to roll on the floor and yell: "BALLS!"

I elected to go with an editing style inspired by photography from the era in which Tom Mboya's life (and the narration of this story), played out.

Listen: #TooEarlyForBirds is phenomenal, plain and simple.

The pacing is fantastic - an exquisite balance between the frantic & the introspective, between the rip-roaring laughter of the absurdity of some of what happened (and continues to happen), and the disquieting discomfort of the implications of some events that are curiously absent from our history books.

And I was not alone in this thought: Just follow the hashtag, and you'll see the unending stream of rave reviews. For instance, Corrie, who captured it succinctly.

“I am never missing a @tooearly4birds gig!!! The research. The history. The art. This was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon! With cool folks.
#TooEarlyForBirds freaking mind blowing!!!!”

And there were moments when you could feel the audience collectively wishing they could rewrite history whilst in that auditorium.

This freeze frame, for example... This was an especially incredibly arresting visual...

... precisely because what followed changed the entire nation.

This moment that follows was one I had to render in colour, because the visual metaphor has haunted me since.

To every single person involved in the actualisation of the telling of this story, both onstage and behind the scenes - and yes, this includes the stunning visual and sound design, the exquisite scripting, the wise hands that produced and directed the show, the depth of research that was undeniably evident in the content...

Thank you.

And yes: This is a shopping cart.

I'd love to know how they got their hands on it.

The island indeed remembers. So does the nation.

Yes, there are plenty more stills. All these, and more, in the gallery link below.

And yes, you may download for personal use.

(For uses outside of the personal, get in touch and I'll get right back to you: stillsbymarcus@gmail.com.)