September 9, 2019

Stills at the SOAR Africa Dinner, ft. Joy Wachira, TD Jakes, Strive Masiyiwa, Joshua Oigara, Sylvia Mulinge

Event Photography, Low Light

I really, really enjoyed this event.

And by the looks of it, I wasn't alone in that sentiment. Far from it.

I'm fully aware of how easy it would be to riducule those that attended either the dinner, or the summit. I've seen the posts. And with my nature as an inherent skeptic, I get it. But in truth, I appreciated my time there. Precisely because once every so often, there's a level of affirmation and/or reminding that we need as we pursue our respective paths. And the content in this back-to-back series of events was very timely for me.

As always, link to the full gallery of images is below, but before I go, a nod to some of the people behind the scenes.

First, the organising and technical team...

Then there was this guy. I call him "The Guardian."

If you were present at the dinner, you very likely saw this giant of a man. And if you weren't present, I'm not exaggerating: This man is a giant. Probably a solid 7 foot tower of a human, if not higher. And as solid as an oak. A giant that had his eye on every corner of the room. ⁣

He and I crossed paths several times that night. At some point, we got so familiar with each other's faces that we gave each other the nod. You know the nod, don't you? That knowing glance and subtle acknowledgement that says, "Yeah. I see you, my man."⁣

I liked something about his spirit. He had a gentle, quiet, yet superhero-like presence.⁣

"The Guardian," I named him in my head.⁣

I liked something about him.⁣

"The Guardian."⁣

So here we are: A gallery of stills, for your viewing pleasure in the gallery link below!

And yes, you may download for personal use :)

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