September 18, 2019

Stills at Men Of Soul (September 2019)

The Men of Soul.

Or, as I referred to them in my mind as I processed these images: "The Assembly Line of Visual and Vocal Nourishment."

Each one of these gentlemen as prolific in their craft as you'll ever come across. Now all four on a stage together? Magical.

Now, as a person behind the lens, this particular auditorium poses a set of rather interesting challenges.

First, the lighting. Which a lot of times feels like the moment right after the "Let their be light" command was uttered - a mishmash of darkness and light tossed together in a bowl as the two new bedfellows are still trying to figure out their balance in this new existence of theirs.

All this to say: That light is hella tricky.

Then there's the layout of the place itself, which... Well, if you've been there, you know exactly what I mean.

Which is all fantastic, because since I shot Lisa Oduor-Noah's last gig at the same space, I learnt how to manipulate the available light and bend it to my will.

(That didn't at all sound dark, did it?)

So this was something of an adventure for me, a self-imposed challenge:

How much could I take advantage of what was available without taking away from the mood and depth of the performance?

So I started off with the expected...

Then swung in the direction of colour for a bit...

...which then made me want to lean into the contrast of light vs. dark.

And once I discovered that path, oh, the fun I had...

It was a phenomenal gig. These five gentlemen are excellent storytellers, and in allowing us to join the ride, they made the full two-hour experience feel like a flash. 100% would recommend!

Bonus: When the boys' club comes through...

There was a little moment when the stand holding Noel's keyboard decided that it was time to go home and crashed.

Like the heroes they are, some people jumped right into action.

Heroism in the everyday, my friends!