April 1, 2019

Stills at Koroga Festival, March 2019: Urban Queens

Urban Queens, Event Photography

Right off the bat, I'll tell you this: This is the first of 3 posts following the March 2019 edition of the Koroga Festival, which was held in the dust-storm otherwise known as Mamba Village.

Despite most of us currently still clearing our tracheae of the kilos of fine dust we inhaled thanks to the current dry Nairobi heat, it's hard to take away the fact that Nairobi peeps show up. Specifically, as a chap named Mwirigi regularly reminds us, "Kenyan women are amazing."

Like I mentioned earlier, this is one of three; posts 2 and 3 will show more moments from the people at Koroga, as well as moments from the performances by Phy, Fena, and Asa.

Meanwhile, spot someone you recognise amongst these stills? Let them know!

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