September 19, 2019

Stills at "CalledOut Music: Live in Kenya"

Event Photography

First of all: This gig was fire! The energy in that hall was utterly insane! I loved it!

Let's dial it back for a moment.

CalledOut Music. A singer-songwriter, a producer, a multi-instrumentalist (yes, you read that right), and going by last night, a phenomenal live performer.

CalledOut Music, backstage right before taking the stage.

As always, behind the stage name is a human. A human named Samuel, who during this performance, laid bare his battles through his music and his narrative between his pieces.

But we'll get back to that.

For now, let's dial it back a little more. To the moments right before the show lights were switched on.

You know how you have random conversations and someone mentions to you something so off-tangent that you know for a fact that it's a thing truly consuming their mind? This was the nature of a passing conversation with Noel sometime during the #OSAMchallenge photoshoot. He really wanted this gig to work, but was understandably nervous about whether folks would show. A sense of trepidation that I whole-heartedly empathise with.

And yoh, weren't we all glad when we saw tickets moving and people streaming in on D-day!

And with all set, it was showtime.

First up: Mr. Nderitu himself.

...and joined by Manasseh Shalom.

And finally came the main draw, a man blessed with the benefit of growing up in both Nigeria and the UK, Mr. CalledOut Music.

Why the moniker "CalledOut"? His words: "I'd like to get everyone to have the belief or mindset that they are called out for service to God." 

If you were there: Yes, there are plenty more stills, including the moments we got with CalledOut Music himself. All those, and more, for your enjoyment in the gallery link below!

And yes, you may download for personal use.

(For uses outside of the personal, get in touch and I'll get right back to you: